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+7 (831) 228-09-10
Multichannel line:
+7 (800) 222-40-66

Magistral-NefteKhim is a Russian manufacturer
details of pipelines for the needs of petrochemical,
gas and energy industries

Since 2000, Magistral-NefteKhim has established itself as a reliable supplier of pipeline parts and valves to enterprises working in the construction of oil and gas pipelines, as well as specializing in refining, petrochemicals, polymer production; mining and processing plants, thermal power stations, fire extinguishing stations, chemical and food industries.

All products are manufactured in accordance with GOST, OST, TU, STO CTC, certified and accompanied by certificates and passports. During production, we use steel grades: 20С, 20А, 09Г2С, 14ГС (16ГС), 12Х1МФ, 15ХМ, 08 (12) Х18Н10Т, 10Х17Н18М3Т and others.

In the priority we put long-term partnership relations. We fulfill all our obligations to customers and partners, observing the delivery time and shipping only quality products.

Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Yakutsk, Kurgan, Ufa, Angarsk, Syzran - that's not the full geography of our company's supplies. The developed transport infrastructure in combination with logistics professionals ensures fast, reliable delivery of products to even the most remote corners of Russia, as well as to the countries of the Near Abroad.


Magistral-Neftekhim in figures

Over the years, the plant has produced about 9 million tons of fittings
pipelines. This is enough to gird our planet at the equator 20 times.
The high demand for products is due, first of all, to its quality.

experience in the market
pipeline parts
1 000
of products
million tons
manufactured products
for all time of work
7 200
fittings pipelines
per year
16 000
of modern
of equipment
in state

Company's mission

On the basis of its own innovative and safe production, to promote the construction of reliable gas, petrochemical and energy industries for the benefit of the development of the Russian economy and improve the living standards of people.

with clients
We strive to maximize customer satisfaction. We provide high standards of customer service. We are focused on building long-term relationships.
with partners
We offer the most mutually beneficial terms of cooperation, trying to make the process of cooperation extremely comfortable for all parties.
the company
One of the indispensable conditions for the company's competitiveness and effective achievement of its goals is the continuous improvement of the professional and managerial competencies of the staff. We strive to constantly improve the competence of our employees.
Employees of our company have developed and put into operation the technical conditions for the production of technically complex parts from special steels and non-standard sizes. This allows you to use this product in hazardous industries.
Monthly up to 600 tons of finished products are shipped from the factory warehouse.
In view of the current economic situation, Magistral-NefteKhim LLC provides a deferred payment upon the customer's request. The amount and period of the delay is negotiated individually.


We create the basis for the movement of people, energy and cargo. Our products are used in the oil and gas, chemical, fuel and energy, transport, construction and other industries, as well as in the housing and communal services sector.

Construction of oil
gas pipelines
Heating systems
and water supply
Construction of nuclear
and thermal power plants
and pumping stations
Chemical companies
and food industry

Contribution to the development of the country


LLC Magistral-NefteKhim contributes to the development of key areas of the country's development. We manufacture steel products that allow safe and efficient transportation of energy, transportation of goods and people.

Our strategic partners are the leading Russian oil and gas, energy, transport and construction companies.